Is your website a bona fide business tool, or is it killing you?

Your website may have been designed by a professional. We sincerely hope it was. But, and wow is this a big but, did your professional web master know your business needs?

Do you have a bona fide business tool in your website? Does it answer these six questions?

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
  6. What’s In It For Me?

If it does not your website is hurting you. If you are depending on this site for your business success – well my friend – you’re leaving lots of money to your competitors. Yes you are. And you’re losing referral business and all the referrals from the referral business. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

Here’s a link to a program we present, it’s called Want to Lose 300 Thousand Dollars?

Read it, please read it, before you trust your future to any web designer.