Is Informed Artificial Intelligence The Future of Business?

As the software that drives the online world develops and hardware costs continue to fall, the online experience will evolve. Someday soon you’ll have your own avatar; or bot. What’s an avatar? It is an animated caricature that you choose to represent yourself in a virtual world. To see one for yourself visit

Your Informed AI avatar will ‘know’ your likes, dislikes, clothing size, favorite color, what car you drive, where you live, and any other information that you upload to its database. It will also be semi-intelligent. Meaning that your avatar will heuristically learn your likes and dislikes allowing it to make decisions and take actions on its own using Fuzzy Logic algorithms.

Buying Merchandise

When your avatar finds merchandise you want to buy, it will have the capability to:

  • Notify you that it found the item, the location, price, and ask for instructions
  • Buy the item, and notify you after the fact
  • Buy the item, even though it is not exactly what you specified. If you would have bought it, your AI will buy it. Maybe in a different color, discontinued, or other acceptable criteria.

So, when the shoes you’ve been drooling over go on sale your IAI will buy them and have them shipped to you. An early Christmas present to yourself? Sure, why not.

When the computer you want hits your predetermined price, the avatar may buy it and notify you, or contact you for verification. Depending, of course, on what you’ve instructed it to do.

With informed AI, you will be able to business 24 hours per day. You can sleep, relax, go on vacation and still be conducting business in real time without your personal intervention.

Investments, Mortgages, And More

This technology can easily be extended to stocks, bonds, currency, a mortgage, investments, airline tickets; you name it. Your avatar will buy your seat at the movies, theater tickets, sporting event tickets getting you the best seat in the house; as soon as they go on sale.

It will literally work for you around the clock scouring the net for whatever you’ve told it to acquire. That includes information.


Imagine an intelligent agent haunting the net looking for one tiny piece of data. And then another tiny piece of data. What will you do with the vast amount of data you will have to work with? Big data that’s what. Your avatar will need help when you ask it to gather and process information beyond its capability. So, look for pay-for-play big data processing houses to spring up. Now your avatar does the gathering. Depositing its findings into your account at your bid data processor. In a few hours, days, minutes, or seconds your output is in your hands.

The Future

When in the market for a new home, apartment, or condominium you will shop in a manner that we can only dream of today. No more driving from location to location with an agent, a human agent. Those days will be gone forever.

With three-dimensional, high resolution, digital photography you will be able to preview a property without actually visiting it (think enhanced Google Street View). When you want to schedule a walk through your avatar does that. Want to buy? Your avatar schedules the closing; which will likely be completed online.

All this done in hours or days. As to moving, your bot has gotten the best price and scheduled a crew to take care of that. And because you won’t have time to shop, your avatar made reservations for you at a local restaurant. Local to your new digs, of course.

To sum up, Informed AI will do business on your behalf for everything from utilities to vehicles to fuel electronics to real estate. A win – win situation for everyone.