Your Business Card – Here’s some Design Tips

Many people use low cost business cards. That’s a real mistake. When you give someone a card that’s cheap – meaning an obvious free card. what you’re doing is telling the world your company has no income, no solid clients. Not good things.

Here’s Some Design Tips

  • have someone design your card who knows what they’re doing
  • To save precious space, do what we did, follow the name of your company with .com .biz or dot whatever. This makes that line do double duty.
  • Use heavy stock.
  • Include your company logo
  • Include your web address, e-mail, and phone number.
  • Send the print job to a reputable printer.

Now that you’ve got your card, carry it everywhere. Put several in your wallet, your car, laptop case, notebook. Jave several always ready, so when you find a store or business that allows cards to be publicly displayed you’ll have them.

Don’t forget the back side. Please, don’t waste that space. Use it for information on your products, your claim to fame, testimonials, whatever puts your best foot forward.